April 28, 2009

Three Examples Of R-Rated Films Repurposed For Children

Alien! Hooray! First Blood! Hooray! The Toxic Avenger! Hooray!

April 09, 2009

Death of a Dungeon Master

RIP Dave Arneson, 1947-2009 Dave Arneson, co-creator of Dungeons and Dragons, has died. From Ed Grabianowski's post on Robot Viking: It’s tempting to say that Arneson brought the “fluff” to D&D, while Gygax was the “crunch,” but that’s really too simplistic. It is safe to say that Arneson’s ideas on storytelling, experience levels and rules flexibility shaped virtually every aspect of the RPG as an industry and an art form. Yet he never achieved the widespread fame that Gygax did, perhaps because his personality wasn’t the kind that drew attention. By most accounts, he was easy-going, good-humored and never took himself too seriously. I’ve always thought of him as the George Harrison of D&D.

April 02, 2009

Dance of the Future

What are those fucker's doing back there??? And even though I don't speak a word of German, I can't take them seriously or pay attention to their conversation with all that crazy shit happening behind them!

An Excerpt From Robert E. Howard's "Rogues In The House" (1934)...

"...After Athicus had been marched away to be formally arraigned before a magistrate, this jailer made the rounds of the cell as a matter of routine. As he passed that of Conan, his sense of propriety was shocked and outraged to see the prisoner free of his chains and in the act of gnawing the last shreds of meat from a huge beef bone. The jailer was so upset that he made the mistake of entering the cell alone, without calling guards from the other parts of the prison. It was his first mistake in the line of duty, and his last. Conan brained him with the beef bone, took his poniard and his keys, and made a leisurely departure..." Read the entire short story here.