January 24, 2010

January 17, 2010

January 11, 2010

Fan Mail

So, I was having this lighthearted Facebook conversation with some old friends about a Chicago radio station. (click to enlarge) Based upon the content of that thread, I was contacted privately by an old girlfriend whom I have neither seen nor spoken with in nearly 20 years. To be fair, this ex-girlfriend had contributed to this thread, but her posts don't appear because they vanished after she blocked me or whatever. Judge for yourself. HER: "So, I see you haven't changed at all." ME: "How so?" HER: "You still look down on others (or at least seem to) in situations that do not call for it. It's tiresome, and I've seen it since high school. I expected that you would have grown up a little more by now." ME: "What a cranky, unqualified message. You're coming out of the blue to attack me based solely on how you are interpreting a stupid Facebook thread when viewed through your 20-YEAR OLD (!!!) lens, lady. Lighten up and leave me alone." HER: "No problem, Old Man. Have fun on your high horse! You will not hear from me again." ME: "Fuck you."

January 10, 2010