December 16, 2008

7 Incredibly Sad Pink Floyd Songs

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stexe said...

Aw c'mon, it's christmas. After sitting through those bummers, here are my recommended seven pink floyd songs to lift your spirits back up:

nile song
ibiza bar
arnold layne
jugband blues
the gnome
remember a day

Anonymous said...

How is "Vera" ot on this list?

Anonymous said...

Really, I find "Wish You Were Here"s melody to be quite cheerful.

A truly sad Pink Floyd song sounds like "Don't Leave me Now"

Anonymous said...

Nobody Home. Terribly, terribly sad, really...

Anonymous said...

the only one that is really sad is High Hopes. i could've frown my tears on that one. but the ones you people recommended here, i'd say they are pretty felicitous.

Anonymous said...

Pigs on the wing :(