December 09, 2007

F'd Puppet of the Week 12/9/07

This is some classic hard-fucking-core educational film fun. One of my favorite parts of this hits at around 6:30 when they start talking about different dairy products. The asshole milkman doesn't even have his hand near the puppet. He has totally given up the pretense of being the one working it, and of course no one notices.


Lance Ehlers said...

More like F'd Puppet Of The Year. This is apparently the edited for family viewing version. Around 8:56, the puppet says, "Boy I wish I had 16 quarts of, uh, milk. You thought I was gonna..." Gonna what? They edit it out. Gonna rub soothing peppermint ointment on the perpetual painful erection he has for milk?

stexe said...

But the milkman clearly is operating the puppet at the 6 minute mark; you can see his mouth moving, and he reaches down to pull the string on the puppet's back everytime he has a line. The puppet is just propped up on the table. He may not be a real milkman, but he's a real ventriloquist.
I agree. F'd Puppet of The Year.