August 05, 2008

Is Better Off Dead An Under-The-Radar Sequel To Fast Times At Ridgement High?

Consider the evidence:

  1. Actress Amanda Wyss: ball-busting girlfriend in FTARH, ball-busting girlfriend in BOD.
  2. Actor Vincent Schiavelli: eccentric teacher in FTARH, eccentric teacher in BOD.
  3. Actor Taylor Negron: Pizza delivery guy with a shitty attitude in FTARH, mail delivery guy with a shitty attitude in BOD.
  4. Both films utilize Darlene Love's performance of "Winter Wonderland."
Hmmm. Pure coincidence...or deliberate?


stexe said...

"better off dead" wishes it had the cultural relevance, humor, and integrity of "fast times". For instance, in FTARH, jennifer jason leigh gets an abortion and everything turns out fine (I think that may have been the last time the subject was approached in a teen film). In BOD, the main theme is that you can prove yourself to others by being a really good skier. It also features a musical sequence of a hamburger lip-synching van halen.
Although the casting similarities are bizarre, my answer to the post's title would be "no". The real sequel to FTARH was "The Wild Life", with the same writer, same director, and the talentless, boorish chris penn filling in for his brother sean.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Mr. Negron a Gas Station attendant in BOD? No, that was One Crazy Summer! Truly a Blue Color thespian he is. The strength of his "pizza delivery Guy" performance propelled him to such roles as "Recording studio engineer" in 1983's "Rocket to Stardom" back to "Delivery Man" in "Johnny Dangerously" in 1984. 1989 saw a reprise of his "Mailman" character (now a well honed persona) in "How I got into College," and onward his light has shown. According to IMDB his most recent project (in production) is something called "Thira" and he will be blessing the screen as "Doorman." All Hail Taylor Negron-- champion of the nameless working stiff! His countenance will grace the banners of the revolution!