August 01, 2008

New High Score On Tron: 187,870!

Seems fitting that it should take me 26 goddamn years and an actual bootleged preview of the film's oft rumored sequel before I finally-- FINALLY! -- hit the painfully elusive "USER" level of the game. This was played on M.A.M.E. with the Tron rom set 1. I used to haul my mom's empty glass bottles of RC up to 7-Eleven in the rain on my Murray BMX bike just so I could score enough change for three or four games of Tron at Galaxy World in Carol Stream, Illinois. Here's a video of the game for those who have never seen it in action.

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stexe said...

I really sucked at this game in 1982. Loved the cabinet design, as well as its wendy carlos soundtrack, but the controllers were too tricky. I had the whole set of four action figures with glo-in-the-dark weapons, and I regretted giving them away to a younger neighbor kid a year later when I grew out of toys.
Now that I'm middle-aged and have no shame, I can and buy these reissues, and spend my free time building an arcade cabinet in the garage.