May 01, 2008

MIDI Madness!

I recently received the following email: "You know those sites or Ebay listings where you are suddenly blasted with ambient music meant to enhance the experience? Usually in the same way someone will print a letter on paper with little kittens on top of it? Anyway, I think you should add that to your site. No warning, no explanation, just randomly for a day, hour, week, put some song on there that people are forced to listen to - no off button. And never explain or respond to input about it. My first suggestion is the 80's song Breaka My Stride..." Good suggestion, anonymous friend! Matthew Wilder's hit "Break My Stride" would make a catchy and incredibly annoying addition to PIZZA TEEN!, but there are so many equally worthy candidates which deserve consideration. I quickly sorted through a couple of free MIDI sites, searching for the corniest interpretations, and compiled this lot. What do you think? I really like the ones which substitute an awkward electronic horn or flute for vocals (EX: "Babe"). (click a link to listen)

On a related note, my friend Jennifer Sullivan has been known to sing over MIDI files she's found online, reworking them with a bit of reverb. Click on the image of Jennifer in her skimpy outfit below to hear the results for yourself on her MySpace music page. I recommend her cover of "Against All Odds," the last track on the playlist.

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