April 30, 2008

Mother's Little Darlings: Part IV

I have to go with the classic "chocolate milk" kid this time around. All I can imagine is an exhausted single mom trying the best she can, trying to hold down a thankless, low-paying service job while raising her little boy in a 1-bedroom apartment. She sleeps on the couch. She forgoes spending her diminutive holiday bonus on her much needed reconstructive dental surgery so she can buy her little bundle of joy an XBOX and the Rainbow Six video game.

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stexe said...

Sometimes virtual reality doesn't have enough reality in it; I don't suppose there's any way this obnoxious little gremlin might accidentally, but fatally, turn his weapon upon himself?
Seems to perfect to be real. Any chance it's staged? I can understand having the microphone on, but who's recording the game in real time?
But faked or not, it falls somewhere between amusing and terrifying. This is the generation that'll be looking after us when we're spending our final days in the nursing home.