April 16, 2008

Stairway To Stardom: Dante

A look back to a time before "snarky" and "ironic" were common adjectives in all of our vocabularies. I typically loathe YouTube comments, but these ones were pretty good:

  • "Kneel before Zod!"
  • "He grooms his comb-over with that medalion."
  • "his 'take my hand and walk this land with me' comment is no doubt a metaphor for beat me off in a bush"
  • "shouldnt he be singing in klingon?"


Jen said...

I predict that John C. Riley will play him in the movie...

Lance Ehlers said...

He appears to be singing over a theme Ennio Morricone composed for a Sergio Leone western.

stexe said...

Did you read this Slate article? It's an analysis of the prevalent themes in youtube comments, based upon a single video: