April 21, 2008

ChipotleFan.com Burrito Generator

Have you ever fantasized about building your own virtual burrito and then generating an image of that burrito to stare at and share with friends? Well, now you can! The folks over at ChipotleFan.com have created a burrito generator to accommodate your wishes. Unfortunately, you are restricted to Chipotle's approved ingredients--no floor grit from a New York City yellow cab and old woman poop wrapped in a chicken gristle tortilla. Then again, the generator is still only in beta. You've NEVER seen anything this magical before. Ready? Okay, check this out. Right now, I have a fantasy about staring at a cross-section of a burrito made with nothing but sour cream. POW!!! Pure magic! Now I'm in the mood to look at a big wad of lettuce wrapped in a tortilla. BOOM!!! My mouth is salivating at the thought of staring at a burrito made of cheese and corn salsa. ZAP!!! Give me the meat! SHAZAM!!!

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