April 24, 2008

Stairway To Stardom Double Feature

The videos below are almost incidental. This post is, oddly enough, about the YouTube comments which, as I've said before, I typically loathe, but there's something about these Stairway To Stardom videos which attracts some real zingers. Your opening act tonight is Stairway To Stardom regulars All The King's Men. WARNING! Once you have viewed singer Steve Luisi's slithery dance, you will need to shower. My favorite comments:

  • "Steve Luisi inadvertently pioneered singing in a hairnet by coming straight to the gig from his waitering job at Carmine's in Little Italy."
  • "I want a glittery sign on the keyboard stand like that for MY band."
  • "that outfit wasn't even okay when Neil Diamond wore it"
  • "so cool to see early strokes footage on youtube!"
Now for the headliner: comedienne Wayne Rubin. My favorite comments:
  • (regarding the zippered armpits) "It makes it much easier to comb his waist length underarm hair."
  • "what would happen if Jerry Lewis had a telethon for getting Wayne Rubin to shut the fuck up?"
  • "When I close my eyes, it does sound exactly like the Third Circle of Hell, I'll hand him that."
  • "and you know his breath smells like dog shit"


Jen said...

Thank you for these videos. They have reinforced my homosexuality, as of I needed it with Gillian Anderson coming out in that new X-iles movie, GRRRROWWWW!

Lance Ehlers said...

They've reinforced my chaetophobia (fear of hair).