April 09, 2008

Billy Idol: Stand-Up Comedian

In the religious police state of the near future, a sexually titillating situation comedy titled "In The Midnight Hour" showcases the adventures of a radioactive, epileptic, albino liberal, and is beamed directly into the brains of the lowly, homeless masses. In this installment, the albino's disembodied head is reprogrammed by Dear Leader to infiltrate the Druidic Order of the ACLU. Cyborg triplets are dispatched to destroy the albino with their asses. GuitarBot is activated. Hijinx & hilarity ensue. The albino prevails and is rewarded with a Slurpee bath. He ejaculates upon an Alpha Female.

1 comment:

stexe said...

It's so incredibly lame that he lip-sync's the echo treatment on his vocal at the 2:15 point. Equally ridiculous is his fist-pumping punk pogo dance at the end, to a song that sounds like it should have been sung by linda ronstadt.