November 17, 2007

F'd Puppet of the Week 11/18/07

The day Jim Henson died I was so distraught I was sent home from work. My dreams of making puppetry a career seemed to die along with him. The older I get the more I seeth with regrets. I am resolved to do something meaningful and creative in the puppetry arts before I leave this earth. This week I offer two of my favorite pieces by Jim Henson. First, his version of "Time in a bottle" an errie piece depicting his often expressed and sadly fulfilling fear that he did not have enough time in life to do all he wanted to accomplish. And second, his very early and WHACKED OUT short film, "Time Piece". You will never think of Jim Henson the same way again, and there sure ain't no puppets in it. Still, it shows his obsession with time and mortality. Two topics that are increasingly near and dear to my own heart.

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