November 24, 2007

Two Stand-Out Tracks From Lynch's Inland Empire

Anyone who talks with me for a short while (or pays attention to any of my posts here) soon learns I'm a David Lynch geek. When they learn I'm a David Lynch geek who hasn't seen a single episode of Twin Peaks, they tend to feel I'm a malnourished David Lynch geek. One of the things I dig about him is his hands-on approach to multiple aspects of his films. What other big whoopdeedoo director (other than John Carpenter, perhaps) actually creates entire musical sections for the score? Lynch has been doing that since the beginning, but I believe Inland Empire marked the first time he actually provided the vocals himself. I recently picked up the soundtrack, and these are the two stand-out tracks for me. Lynch is singing on this first one: And this second one, while it sounds a little campy here, is strangely beautiful and moving in the context of the two moments of the film in which it is used: UPDATE! YouTube killed the videos as I knew they would. It's fair. I'm impressed by how fast they did so. Good to see that someone's got Lynch's back.

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