August 17, 2007

David Lynch on the notion of watching movies on your cellphone or computer: "It's the most sickening, horrifying joke"

This is destined to be a classic. On disk two of the Inland Empire DVD, during an extensive segment titled "Stories," David Lynch gives his opinion on the notion of watching movies on your lame-o cellphone or computer. I'm sure he feels the same way about that expensive iPod/iPhone of yours. (NOTE: Divshare has been buggy. Have patience with the sound. Sorry.) UPDATE! Perceptive reader Tanya R. notes... "He was on NPR yesterday (I always enjoy hearing him because he's such an affable guy, really, AND his voice is so intriguingly annoying) and railed on director's commentary tracks on DVDs, calling them the 'greatest absurdities of life.' I laughed out loud." Here's a link to the interview (Windows Media Player or Real Player only, apparently). Yes, he ends up talking about transcendental meditation a LOT again, but there's some new territory, as well.

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Mick Brady said...

The only thing possibly more annoying than watching a film on a computer is listening to David Lynch tell us why we shouldn't.

Arrogant, overbearing, and otherwise defensive of the one thing he does best: make movies for the silver screen. What else would you expect from one of the most original directors of all time? I would suggest he meditate a little longer each day.

Recorded music, for instance, has survived the transition from vinyl to cd to mp3. Isn't it great to know that they're all still available? I wouldn't presume to tell anyone else which they should listen to. But then, I'm not David Lynch.