August 08, 2007

The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy "Angels"

International caller on my line; Tomorrow's just another distance. Put in a call to a friend of mine Just to say hello But What if there were angels? Oh, sometimes I swear that I can see them there: Making jokes and wearing black And speaking English just like me; Bright and kind and young and good, So come on, you, I know that we could still be that way. What do you say? It's two a.m. and I'm feeling fine, Staying up late with these men of mine. I've seen the angels and the things they do and every one Just makes me think of you. So come on. Making jokes and wearing black And wearing black and wearing black And they're right and good and wearing black And just like you And Always on my mind. Just the whole time. Angels I can see them. Here they come now. There's thousands of them. They're bearing you up. They're holding you up. I want to hold you in my arms. The Jazz Butcher's website is >>here<<.

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