August 25, 2007

Gizmoz: A Splendid Display of Technological Stupidity

I am falling prey to Gizmoz's viral marketing strategy by posting this, but so be it. The idea here is that you design and skin an avatar (a'la The Sims), choose something for it to say (or record something for it to say), select a background, and then watch the magic unfold. It's precisely the kind of thing which science fiction authors have been warning us about for decades. I created an account with them in order to bring you this crap, so for Christ's sake, you'd damn well better enjoy it!

And this one (which I DID NOT create) strikes me as the inevitable conclusion of this type of product. It's hard not to take it as an affirmation of our imminent societal collapse.
UPDATE! The second video-thing above seems to be screwed. I suspect the stupidity police have killed it. The world is now a better place.

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