August 11, 2007

Topic for your Psychology 101 research paper: Reh Dogg

(WARNING! THE VIDEO CONTAINS NAUGHTY WORDS!) A commendable effort, Sir Reh Dogg. Your skills with the nunchaku are second only to your lyrical prowess.


hot funk said...

Reh Dogg is amazing. What's the deal with him and all the shower scenes:

Lance Ehlers said...

"What's the deal with him and all the shower scenes"

ANSWER: It could be said that he is trying to wash away the guilt of being a content black youth from a financially comfortable family. The entertainment world is constantly exploiting the gimmick of kids who escaped urban plight, and Reh Dogg clearly isn't one of them. He has a decent car, a good computer, a video camera, a flashy wardrobe, easy access to the serenity of the woods, and lots of disposable cash which he blows on an ever expanding collection of novelty weapons.

hot funk said...

wrong, he realy got the money from selling "rock" and popping caps in people's behinds.

I just hope get keeps making these crap video.