November 28, 2007

My First Circuit

(and my first youtube video) A very simple touch-sensitive oscillator I just wired up, consisting of an IC chip, capacitor, resistor, 9-volt battery and a couple of quarters. Touching both quarters sends the current through the body to close the circuit. Pitch is controlled by the amount of pressure applied (more surface area of the fingers= more electricity= higher pitch). It only makes farty noises for now, but will have some additional oscillators stacked on and be put into a sculpture eventually. For updates, check elsewhere. I recommend "Handmade Electronic Music" by Nicolas Collins, a great book for novices like myself to quickly start scratch-building music machines.


Lance Ehlers said...
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Lance Ehlers said...

Would be kind of cool if you figured out a way to enhance the fartiness and house it in a metal ass. "Wow! That dude's cover of Brubeck's 'Take Five' on the electronic ass was insane!"