June 16, 2008

4 Worthwhile Tracks From The Revenge Of The Nerds Soundtrack

The retail version of the Revenge of the Nerds soundtrack is incredibly disappointing. It consists of 10 tracks. 4 of them are iconic and are presented here. If you've seen the film, you'll surely recall them. The omitted tracks consist of the title track (played at the beginning of the film and utterly obnoxious when heard alone) and 5 pop songs which served as background fodder-- I only recall hearing one of them, yet I estimate I've seem the film 40 times. Plus, they suck! I'm sure there were legal complications which prevented the inclusion of "Burning Down the House," "Thriller," the Mission Impossible theme, and "We Are the Champions," but where's the other less complicated stuff like the Japanese version of "Daisy," or the various computer-driven incidental themes? Oh well. A very special thank you to D. Bratton at safetybear.com.


stexe said...

"All Night Party" sounds like a funeral dirge for a dead robot. And why does the lead singer for Bone Symphony sound just like the singer for Gleaming Spires?
"Are You Ready for the Sex Girls" has been on my itunes for the last four years. It may be the first song I ever illegally downloaded. The lyrics are so rad: "these are women without any faults!"
40 times? Come on.

Lance Ehlers said...

Between rentals, cable, DVD, and network & UHF TV, yeah, watching the movie 40 times either actively or passively (with it playing in the background) sounds like a fair estimate. The basketball in the chili, Lamar's custom javelin, and the delivery of the line "step aside mama! I wanna see some of that muff!" will never fail to entertain.

stexe said...

Harvey Pekar: What movie could be worth driving 260 miles round trip for?
Toby Radloff: It's a new film called Revenge of the Nerds. It's about a group of nerd college students who are being picked on all the time by the jocks. So they decide to take revenge.
Harvey Pekar: So what you're saying is, you identify with those nerds.
Toby Radloff: Yes. I consider myself a nerd. And this movie has uplifted me. There's this one scene, where a nerd grabs the microphone during a pep rally and announces that he is a nerd and that he is proud of it and stands up for the rights of other nerds.
Harvey Pekar: Right on.
Toby Radloff: Then he asks all the kids at the pep rally who think they are nerds to come forward, so nearly everybody in the place does. That's the way the movie ends.
Harvey Pekar: Uhhmmm, so the nerds won, huh?
Toby Radloff: Yes.
Harvey Pekar: All right. Wow, well you know, you got this movie and I'm getting hitched. We both had a good month, huh?
Toby Radloff: Right.