June 25, 2008

Three Awkward Moments with Andy Kaufman

Andy Drops A Sketch and Abuses The Actors Kaufman hosts a live broadcast of Fridays and gives up on a skit halfway through, leading to on-air fisticuffs. Andy actually planned the prank with cast member Michael Richards (who would go on to stardom with his role in Transylvania 6-5000) as well as the producer seen at the end, but the other actors weren't in on the joke. Without the meltdown, It's a tired, unfunny routine (was there ever a Fridays skit that didn't involve recreational drugs?) turning a forgettable moment into an unforgettable (but very uncomfortable) one. Andy Displays Contempt for His Fans Andy torments his television audience during the end credits of his PBS special, pretending to drop the television facade and show his true colors. (by the way, he really was a vegetarian). Jerry Lawler Slaps Andy Around I almost didn't include this, since we've all seen it already, but this is an uncensored cut. Like the Friday's incident, it was staged. Kaufman and Lawler were friends. However, Andy really did need that brace; the neck injury was real. Comedy genius or misanthropic sociopath? You decide. (bonus links: Andy's adopted children, and his appearance on the dating game)

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