June 30, 2008

A PIZZA TEEN! WTF?! Photo Of The Day

How to determine if you are a boob in one easy step: (1) buy this product. Retail price: $230. I've come to the conclusion that you have to be a graphic designer or a graphic designer in training (i.e. skateboarder or "graffiti" artist) to really understand the appeal of trading cash for hyper-designed vinyl and plastic toys like the ones sold at kidrobot. And although I pay my rent as a designer for a popular youth-oriented lifestyle corporation, they still strike me as little more than silly dust collectors better viewed than owned. But beyond that, you'd have to be a bonafied dipshit to not recognize to utter lameness of a Sex Pistols "bearbrick."

1 comment:

stexe said...

If Sid Vicious were still alive, he would definitely own this.