November 15, 2007

Marcia Brady: A Gateway To Preadolescent Eroticism

When I was a kid, there was something very, VERY interesting about this scene from The Brady Bunch which I couldn't quite express. In time, I got it: it is by far-- by FAR!-- the most awesomely decadent erotic metaphor aimed at children and young adults I have ever seen on broadcast television. Has it been surpassed? Boy, that Peter sure IS a lucky son of a gun! I was similarly intrigued by Veruca Salt in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, the girl from the Witch Mountain movies, and Nellie from Little House On The Prairie-- they were all incredibly interesting, but I lacked the understanding and the words to express why. BONUS! The people who overdubbed the very NOT SAFE FOR WORK video below seem to have had similar issues, although, I recall having mine ironed out by fifth grade.

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Anonymous said...

Was this the forrunner for the wet T-shirt contest?