January 09, 2008

Cheeta: Hollywood Legend, Artist for Hire

This clip has it all: Bela Lugosi, the infamous Sammy Petrillo (yes, his career was terminated by Jerry Lewis), and Cheeta The Chimp. Cheeta is best known for starring in seven of the tarzan movies. After a lifetime of busting ass all over hollywood, he now lives in a sanctuary in Palm Springs. At the age of 75, he's the oldest (non-human) primate in the world. Make a $125 tax-deductable donation to his retirement, and you'll get a painting in return. Select the color palette, and Cheeta or his grandson (sorry, you can't choose) will custom paint something for you and sign it with a thumbprint. I donated to this worthy cause just a few minutes ago, and it should take a week or two for my painting to arrive in the mail. Update to follow soon.


Lance Ehlers said...

I also enjoyed this video of Cheeta's 2007 birthday. Try not to confuse it with the similar looking party thrown for 50 Cent.

stexe said...

He seems to be thinking, "this cake is dry, and the coke doesn't have caffeine, but at least they aren't making me paint right now."