January 07, 2008


Never heard of it before today, but it ran for 139 episodes starting in 1981, and was produced by the guy who invented "pong" and owned the chuck e. cheese pizza chain. I'm guessing it was syndicated and not picked up in the chicago market, because I surely would have known about this as a kid. The fact that slowcurl himself, mister tournament-level video master, hasn't blogged about it yet adds to the mystery. Am I mistaken? Was this on the air, and I missed the whole thing? Regardless, we now have the internet to fill these gaps from our past: See ten full-length episodes here.

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Lance Ehlers said...

Yes, I remember the show well. It was the only way to see new games before they appeared in the arcades. But the possible reason that it remained off your radar until now is because the show was scheduled at about 10AM Sunday mornings, so you had to skip out of church in order to see it.

And just to set the record straight, the ONLY tournament I have ever participated in was a small Ms. Pac-Man competition when I was 9-years old in the Telemark Ski Lodge game room in Cable, Wisconsin. There were two age divisions: 10 and younger, and 11 to 15. I would have won that $5 prize for my age division if some fuckface 14-year old hadn't lied and said he was 10. I hope that guy reads this comment and his balls implode.