January 29, 2008

Sounds From The Wheaton, Illinois, Breakin' Scene Circa 1983

In 1983, my cousins and I scoured the cold, unforgiving streets of suburban Wheaton, Illinois (median household income $73,385, 89.8% Caucasian) for discarded cardboard boxes until we had collected enough to convert the entire floor of their basement into a breakin' paradise. In the shadow of the Billy Graham Center and the DuPage County Republican Headquarters, we formed our own "crew." We had street names, we had our ghetto-blasters, we had the tunes, we mixed the tunes, and we choreographed dance routines. I distinctly recall having a routine for each of the following tracks. Yes, photo and video evidence of this phase in my life exists, but fortunately, none of it has managed to leak into the digital world.

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