February 02, 2008

A Gallery of Comic Ads

Just got back from a garage sale and picked up some comic books circa 1969-1976 from Gold Key, a poverty-row company which turned out the worst comics but always had the best ads, which is specifically why I bought them. Here's a few scans. The first two show how drug culture has by now filtered its way down to kids: posters with names like "Trip-Eze" and "Flower Love", patches proclaiming "keep on truckin'", "woodstock", and "black is beautiful". And check out the company name: Gandalf Products. Far Out. Regarding the third ad; I sent away for that. The "footlocker" was printed cardboard and doubled as the shipping container. The pieces were two-dimensional cutouts in toxic-smelling styrene, and I probably don't have to tell you that the artillery and aircraft weren't quite to scale with the figures; in fact, they were much smaller. It would have been prudent to save them just for laffs, but instead I torched the whole set with "kiddie napalm" (model cement). Click to enlarge.

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