February 13, 2008

Rejected Star Wars Crap

Given the glut of merchandise produced over the years, it's incredibly difficult for me to imagine that Lucasfilm's licensing agents have actually rejected potential expansions of revenue in the past. The folks over at Action Figure Insider have posted a gallery of rejected crap. My favorite of the lot would certainly have to be the product shown in this post. Can you imagine how impressed your girlfriend's parents would be with you, meeting them for the fist time dressed in this novelty? I especially like how, in the illustration, it appears that the kid is nude from the waist down. Good thinking! No one will see his secret glow-in-the-dark boner as he races through the squalor of his foster home recreating the exciting violence of the Battle of Hoth. View the entire gallery here.

1 comment:

stexe said...

If these designs are from the late 90's, that means they stole a gag from "spaceballs" - the princess leia headphones - and turned it into a real product proposal.