February 27, 2008

Mother's Little Darlings: Part II


stexe said...

Wow, this site has been getting mean-spirited lately. I first noticed it last week with this, and then this a couple days later. What's next for pizzateen? The "two girls one cup" video?

Lance Ehlers said...

Yeah, you're probably right. But every once in a while, a cheap shot feels pretty good. I was more fascinated by the adults' weird lack of empathy in the first, second, and fourth videos, to be honest-- especially the guy in the fourth one. Yeah, nothing to worry about at all. The little kid was only brained hard with a wooden skiball. Keep on rolling those balls. No sense in worrying about him. Don't let his obnoxious wailing ruin OUR fun. I'm sure glad I caught it on video, though. I'm going to be an internet celebrity!

hot funk said...

tim and eric is good fun, not mean-spirited.

The W.C. Fields in me will always get a cheap laugh. Yeah, I still hate kids.