February 18, 2008

Insert Your Own Joke Here

From the "shooting fish in a barrel" department, here's a real page from a real coloring book published by the archdiocese of new york. Besides reminding me of this, it also makes me suspect it was done in the church's self interest; liability protection to keep massive payouts like this from happening in the future. I'm just glad we have angels around to warn kids how to protect themselves from priests. No one else seems to be doing the job. (click to enlarge)


Lance Ehlers said...

Listen to the angel, young man! She's a dead kid who was "accidentally" murdered by the Archdiocese to prevent a potentially embarrassing investigation.

stexe said...

Dude, you're out of line for saying that. It's disrespectful. We all know that a catholic clergyman wouldn't go anywhere near a girl.