February 04, 2008

RetroTech: Tomorrowland

The food is overpriced and awful. You're packed shoulder-to-shoulder with obese republican tourists from godforsaken lands. Admission is $60. Fascist iconography and enforced mediocrity surround you. And worst of all. the entirety of the original tomorrowland (including their most inspired ride, adventure through inner space) has been replaced with movie tie-in attractions. And yet, disneyland is still worth visiting. pirates of the caribbean is by far the best standing ride, but the tiki room is also operating, as well as the jungle cruise and haunted mansion, all in their original states from back when disney was innovative. Best to arrive early, visit four or five attractions, and get the hell out before the ennui sets in.

1 comment:

Lance Ehlers said...

Good god! Imagine the STINK inside Astro-Mickey's helmet-within-a-helmet at the end of a day beneath the California sun!