March 06, 2008

Blue Screen Perfection: "Megaforce"

The amount of money spent promoting Megaforce must have been out of this world! I recall seeing ads for it everywhere, especially on the backs of magazines & comic books. It even had it's own Atari game at a time when only the biggest movies where given such lavish treatment. Megaforce came out in 1982, but it looks at least 5 years behind it's time-- Blade Runner came out in 1982, for crying out loud! I only saw it years after its release on network TV, but man, my friends could not WAIT to see it, and I recall how crushed their souls were afterward by the sheer boredom of the experience. In hindsight, the film plays like the highest budget hardcore gay porn film ever produced featuring a lesser known Gibb brother...but stripped of all the screwing. There were, however, two extraordinary moments in the film which would have been worth the price of admission, and they are both preserved in the video below.


hot funk said...

even as a child, I knew it was a piece of crap.

Lance Ehlers said...

But as an adult, you recognize these scenes as the comedic gift which never grows stale.

I do have vague memories of enjoying the Atari game. It was basically a variation on Chopper Command, which itself was a more enjoyable variation on Defender.