March 26, 2008

"Lost Highway" On Region 1 DVD: About F***in' Time!

I'm just really damn happy that, after more than a decade, Universal finally got around to releasing the last remaining Lynch film, Lost Highway, on DVD Tuesday. It's a total "McDVD" (no extras whatsoever) but I don't really care. Having that stuff would probably spoil the magic anyway. It just looks really, really beautiful--way more beautiful than the low resolution clips below might lead you to believe. The marriage of sound and image is simply fantastic. My only gripe with the film (and it's a minor one) is that, when the Mystery Man shows up at the desert cabin toward the end, he's a little too talkative and weird in a forced way. Much of the discussion at the time of the film's release was about Marilyn Manson's involvement (he was a lightning rod for controversy at the time), but his cameo is incidental, and his cover of "I Put A Spell On you" fits the mood of the scene in which it appears.

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