March 17, 2008

Everything's Gone Green


Lance Ehlers said...

Offhand, I would nominate the following as alternates in the event any of the tracks in that list are unable to fulfill their duties: "This Green City" by The Glove, "Memories of Green" by Vangelis, and anything by Al Green.

stexe said...

Vangelis? Ick! The Glove? Double-Ick!

My itunes file at my work computer also has "all the world is green" by tom waits, "green water" and "I am the green child" by coil, "village green" by the kinks, "blue in green" by miles davis, the "green hornet" theme by al hirt, "green gun" by add n to x, "yellow-green road" by mort garson, "green egg" by myself, and several others. But it's just a novelty playlist, and I thought I'd keep it short.