March 06, 2008

Real Names From The New York State Census Of 1900

I like to haul this list down from the proverbial attic from time to time. The names below were those of actual, living citizens of New York state in the year 1900. The list was compiled by Nell Brady while she was doing research for her employer many years ago. Reading this list makes me ponder two scenarios: (1) back then, more people were poetic and adventurous when it came to naming their children, or (2) back then, people were way more fuckin' nutty than they are today. Or maybe both. Either way, it was certainly cooler than the legions of Haleys, Ashleys, and Ethans of today. Maybe I can get Nell to leave a comment in this post, providing a little more detail on how the list was compiled. Here are the names.

Fannie Ten Elshof Lottie Dibble Gridje Homdink Harry Sink Gertie Priest Fannie Fiddler Royal Klink Mamie Graceland Pearl, Otto, & Orange A. Sink Fetty McBoon Ole & Almond Alred Hattie Flatto Minnie & Amos Moakly Rettie Dewy Barty Elver Phillelia Orvis Lina Legg Valentine Quell Ignatz Klink Prid Pixly Beatrice Hamberger Calling K. Kay Nellie Quack Peter Parsley Hazel Baron Eliphelet Burch Archie Dumpy Fern Noble Lemon Small Cary Coffin Day, May, & Ray Seaburg Roxie C. Seabury Christ Topper Thorough Polite Standish Deake Green Speight Netty Bippy Maple Petters Stedwick Stedman Alphonses Kronheimer Tennessee Throop Cary A. Fork Tromp Wacker Ophelis Bustin Lucinda Butterly Louella Gee Myrtle Duddy Elish Bean Francis Fatman Wolf Gunsberg Emma Mess Orange Harrass Fannie Baron Chinky Mass Klikenny West FIRST NAMES ONLY Peril Flossie Striped Zippera Biddy Kissy Coonrod Plinny Pleasant Roach Cooch Zebulon Cooke Raper

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