March 03, 2008

Retrotech: Blip

"the digital game"? The only reason this thing needed batteries was to light up the LED. The movement required you to wind it up by hand. A series of cogs and cams somewhat randomized the action, but not enough to keep me from getting bored with it in a few seconds when I was eight. And it made a terrible racket. But it was Christmastime in 1977, and all the rich kids got the high-tech pong in their stockings. The poor kids got this instead. The box actually said "no TV set is needed", as if that were a good thing. Dig that awesome 70's future-font.

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Lance Ehlers said...

The best thing about having to wait in the reception room during the late 70s while my parents worked with a counselor in the opposing room, hammering out their marital issues prior to divorce, was that it gave me PLENTY of time to master Blip. The loud grinding gears MADE the game.