March 12, 2008

The Case Of The Vanishing Chet Baker Videos

Not so long ago, there used to be a ton of Chet Baker videos online, but they've vanished. This clip below was the best I could find. It's a montage clip from the great 1988 documentary Let's Get Lost. Toward the end of Baker's life, he frequently had to explain to audiences that they should be quiet and respectful because their obnoxiousness was ruining the mood. Here again, we see him having to chide the audience. At some point during my lifetime, people starting shouting and howling at the end of EVERY performance, even the quiet ones like this. If you're at the rock show, okay, fine, let it rip. But at a Chet Baker performance? Yes, congratulations to you, sir or madame! I hear your Braveheart war cry above all others assembled here tonight at the piano recital. As a reward for your inappropriate behavior, may cancer take root in your throat. The guy below just cracked me. I doubt Chet is seriously at risk of fading into obscurity because of an absence of streaming videos. His demands are out of line, but I sympathize with his frustration.


stexe said...

Three years ago, there was no youtube. I have a suspicion that people knew who chet baker was before then.
Copyright laws make sense, even if I don't like them. Youtube is 100% free entertainment, and it provides things I never thought I'd see again, like the 1975 tv commercial for It's Alive that traumatized me as a five-year old. You can't put a price on something like that. We should be grateful it exists at all. This fatboy thinks he's entitled to free media, and is justifying his childish demand as an inalienable right. These frustrated Agro-Nerds are what make 75% of the internet so hostile and unpleasant.

Lance Ehlers said...

Agreed about the misplaced sense of entitlement. I encountered the same thing with Divshare. With their free plan, you currently get 5GB of file storage, and 50GB of monthly bandwidth. And people are complaining.