March 05, 2008

Six Modern Chanteuses Who Float My Boat

If I'm perfectly honest with myself, I have probably had a mild crush on each of the six ladies below at one point or another. The accompanying tracks are the ones which I feel really seal the deal for me. If I found myself in the presence of any of them even today, I would certainly flip out and make an ass of myself. They've all got a great set of pipes, that's for sure. I'll swap you two Beyoncés, half a dozen Kelly Clarksons, three Avril Lavignes, the entire Mariah Carey musical library, and a six-pack of Bud for just ONE Sharleen Spiteri, kid. Nicole Blackman, American, born 1971 performance artist, poet, author, vocalist The Golden Palominos "Drown" Elizabeth Fraser, Scottish, born 1963 former Cocteau Twins singer Cocteau Twins "My Truth" Toni Halliday, British, born 1964 former Curve singer Curve "Frozen" Sharleen Spiteri, Scottish, born 1967 lead singer of Texas Texas "Dream Hotel" Tracey Thorn, British, born 1962 singer of Everything But The Girl Massive Attack "Protection" Anka Wolbert, Dutch former keyboardist/singer of Xymox Xymox "Imagination"

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stexe said...

Those are some glum looking skeletons. Someone should make them a sandwich, and maybe they'd cheer up.