September 13, 2007

Absurd Juxtaposition #0010 - VIDEO!

Play them simultaneously.


stexe said...

That's a serendipitously perfect combo. I haven't eaten meat in about two decades, but now I'm inspired to start again. It's certainly more persuasive than this little horror:

Lance Ehlers said...

I considered using that one, but I passed because it's a better known video I've seen elsewhere. The chipmunk singing seemed more maddening.

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious, especially since I'm the puppet on the left! (Well, in the video below, I'm the one on the right.)

Watch Elwood, Steven and Jerry Splinter sing a song to tell children what to do if they are abused by an alcoholic parent by clicking here

Lance Ehlers said...

Thanks for tracking it down on here, Jerry.
You are in excellent company