September 21, 2007

At Home With Professional Wrestler Dr. D

We laugh (BOY, do we laugh!), but you know as well as I that in hundreds of thousands of American homes, right this very moment, this exact scenario is unfolding without a camera present to keep the resident Ape-Man from bashing his can of Bud into the eye socket of his exhausted woman while the kids look on in terror. You could perceive this as a reenactment of the events which led to the violent climax described in a police report. Who says wrestling is fake? I felt the video needed a subtle, introspective soundtrack, so... hit PLAY when you see the cow.

1 comment:

stexe said...

For the background soundtrack, I recommend you also try 'Trois Gymnopedies' by Eric Satie for a "Woman Under The Influence/My Dinner with Andre" vibe to the sordid scenario.