September 29, 2007

An Audio Archive Saturday w/ Kitchens of Distinction

I went back to the old stacks a couple of weeks ago, and I've been listening to the two Kitchens of Distinction albums Strange Free World (1990) and The Death of Cool (1992) exclusively and non-stop ever since. I recall having a take-it-or-leave-it attitude toward them back when they were new (and maybe that is how you still react to them), but they seem to have clicked with me now. A big tip of the hat to the mysterious individual now known as "Hot Funk" who gave them to me or sold them to me or swapped them for a "fetus burrito" at Buenas Nachos in Frankfort, Illinois. Yes, Mr. Funk, they are still in the transparent CD cases you slipped them into when you were working at CD Exchange.


hot funk said...

I ended up get these again at Manmoth Muisc Mart for a buck a piece a few years back. If only I could find one of those burritos.

SpaceMan5000 said...

I still have my originals. I recently found their final (I think) album Cowboys & Aliens used. I used to have it, got rid of it because it sucked, then realized why I got rid of it in the first place!!

I think all their stuff is fantastic, and I have never stopped listening to them!

Skippy Spankmaester said...

I can see the attraction. Lance's story reminds me of my 2 month episode in the early 90's when I rediscovered Samantha Fox (her music, not her porno)(her porno I discovered in the early 80's, if I recall correctly?)
Anyway Lance, let us know in a couple months if its out of your system, otherwise we'll start planning the intervention.