September 26, 2007

The Art Of Film Editing: A Masterful Demonstration

A gentleman named Tom Walls was paid to edit this sequence. It was his responsibility to determine the best possible moment for the hairy ass to enter the sunroof. Well done, Mr. Walls.


stexe said...

I appreciate the subtle cinematography and editing in the "nick the dick" scene as well. It's available on youtube, but I'm unable to provide the address because it must have keywords which restricts my access here at the workplace. (type "bachelor party nick the dick") Like most of the movie, it's so unfunny, it's almost surreal.

Lance Ehlers said...

A youtube search of "Bachelor Party Classic Scene : Nick The Dick" does pull up the scene, but it requires age verification.

Skippy Spankmaester said...

What I really want to know is: On what street corner did they find two people to plant their lips on his rear? I mean should I ever want to hire someone to kiss my ass, where would I go?