September 23, 2007

Another Week, Another Ridiculous KISS Post

See, the problem with the white makeup is that no matter how many times you brush, the contrast is going to make your teeth look like they're caked with thick, wormy plaque (see the close-ups on Paul's face 2/3 of the way through the video). The song and the look of the video screams "sell-out," but really, it was only the first of many times we would see Paul & Gene's unabashed willingness to cash in on a trend. Having said that, I do kind of dig the tune-- I'm sure I roller skated to it many times during my childhood and just assumed it was another E.L.O. song. It's certainly better than the "Hot In The Shade" era of the late 80s when they all looked and sounded like Ann Wilson. Either her or the semi-retarded "barbarian brothers."

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