September 05, 2007

My Dragon*Con Weekend

One of the great things about living in Georgia is that I now have the opportunity to attend Dragon*Con. The convention was Labor Day Weekend and I attended Saturday and Sunday. The event was phenomenal as there were, literally, thousands of people spread over three fantastically large big-city hotels. The rumors I had heard was that attendance was 70K+ so that means when you peel away the bullshit, there was probably only about 30K. It was a lot of fun to hang out and recharge my geek batteries, so to speak, as all my geek friends have been scattered to the wind (you all know who you are!). There were lots of dealers selling all sorts of paraphernalia, tons of RPGing, LARPing, CGCing, and computer gaming going on. The celebrity selection was a little weak. C'mon, David "Bud Bundy" Faustino was there.....I did lay eyes on a pudgy, brown Eric Estrada, though. Anyhow, I'll definitely be going next year. Here's some photos:

Check out the flapjacks on this Star Wars fan!
Great looking Golden Age Sandman costume and a nice Zatanna in the background!
Some nice DC heroes & villains.
I thought Gandalf looked good.
Some Marvel madness!
A random shot of one of the hotel lobbies. I like the Conan guy in the middle of the photo!
Two hot Wonder Womans and a Donna Troy!
There was so much cosplay (costume roleplay) that I couldn't photograph it all.... I used to think it was a strange hobby, but after seeing these people having so much fun with it, I have changed my mind.
These were impressive! There's a club that builds droid replicas. These friggin' things were spot-on perfect. They lit up, made noise and everything!
They also made a DALEK! Well, I hope everyone enjoyed my report.


Lance Ehlers said...

I have to applaud the young man in the Golden Age Sandman costume, as he had the foresight to bring his own gas mask. Having attended a couple of "cons" myself a long time ago, I recall wishing I had brought something with me to filter out the fast food/B.O. melange created by many of my fellow patrons.

stexe said...

yeah, the last time I attended one was in the 80's, but I recall the smell as a combination of halitosis, mildewed comic book newsprint, armpit sweat, and jeno's pizza rolls.

SpaceMan5000 said...

I was going to give you guys some grief over going for the easy joke, but then I realized ..... you're right!