September 16, 2007

F'd Puppet of the Week 9/16/07

I thought this was a puppet of Davy Jones, it is, but it's life size. You can put your finders in his little legs and make him dance. Isn't that cute?
Keep your hands up...
Umberto. St. John


hot funk said...

here's a future F'd puppet of the week video clip

Lance Ehlers said...

The guy who made the video you recommended ("oldfrank") is the biggest asshole I've encountered online. Just an attention whore with a camera. If you check the 2nd page of his comments for this video, you'll see what I mean:

When I made that comment, he began a systematic campaign of spamming my videos with vulgarity. It got so out of control, I had to revoke the ability to comment on my videos altogether. For the record, I hope "oldfrank" gets inoperable cancer of the eyes & throat.