September 08, 2007

The Sculptures Of Gregory Barsamian

Umberto St. John writes,... "I stumbled upon this guy, who you probably already know about. He uses sequential sculptures and strobe lights to create a moving, stop-motion effect." Actually, I wasn't familiar with his stuff. His name is Gregory Barsamian, and his sculptures are effectively large, three-dimensional zoetropes which use a strobe light to trick your eyes into not seeing the construction as a spinning object. Click here or the photo above to get the full deal at his site. Here are two examples:

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stexe said...

When in new york city, visit the museum of the moving image. They have two of the greatest works of art I ever saw, on permanent display: an enormous Barsamian gizmo that takes up a whole room, and a full-size latex mannequin of a demonic linda blair from "the exorcist".