September 05, 2007

Jack Chick: Saving Your Soul, Making Fear & Bigotry Fun Again!

Whenever I'm approached by someone trying to sell me on the gospel, I secretly hope they will at least give me a Jack Chick comic in exchange for my time. This tract entitled "Bewitched ?" is particularly warped & ruthless. I love the demon's PowerPoint presentation highlighting Ashley's character flaws. All I can think of is that despite the Devil's all-powerful evilness, even he has to deal with the mundane task of maintaining an office supply stockroom. I kind of dig how the panels below conspire to create a random tale of deceit, fear-mongering, twisted logic and bigotry. Clicking an image takes you to the full comic on Jack's site.

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Anonymous said...

"Bewitched?" is my favorite Chick Tract. I love the board room in hell and the fact that the Devil has assembled an entire team of Demons to mess with the heroine. There is a hilarious short film based on "Bewitched?" over at There are like 10 other short films based on actual Chick tracts as well. I hope you get a chance to get a laugh out of them!