September 14, 2007

"I Look More Like A Monkey Than He Do!"

EXTRA-WHACKED VIDEO ALERT!!! Ready for the most wonderfully fucked-up thing you've seen in a long, long time? How about this: Billy Barty fighting a black boy for the right to perform as an organ grinder's monkey. And guess who's playing the organ grinder? Mickey fuckin' Rooney! It's totally worth having to sit through the ads just to see the "monkey." They've managed to condense the plots of about a dozen Little Rascals stories into this one ulta-awesome short at the cost of narrative continuity. Not to be missed.


stexe said...

This really is great; it has a sense of both anarchy and innocence. I don't see any racial issues in this or the little rascals, actually. Looks to me like everyone is getting along equally. It's way more integrated than the stuff I grew up on, like "the brady bunch", which depicted america as a homogenized anglo-saxon whitebread utopia. And more contemporary disney-channel programming, which always has the single black character who acts just as white as everyone else, is far more insulting.
Little-known fact: not only was billy barty 30 years old when this film was made, but post-mortem paternity testing revealed him to be mickey rooney's father.

hot funk said...

billy as the monkey, ultra-awesome! always good to see a monkey riding on a dog too.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like seeing small children punch each other in the face!