September 10, 2007

The HOTTEST Thing In Video Games

What's the hottest thing in video games? Did you guess the Nintendo Wii? WRONG, smartass! The hottest thing in video games by a LONG shot is (as every person under 15-years old knows) these Todd Rogers boxer shorts. Yes, you heard right, THAT Todd Rogers-- world record holder on hundreds of games, including arcade Gorf (!!!) and Atari 2600 Drag racer. Buy a pair for your parole officer from the Twin Galaxies gift shop.


stexe said...

I just ordered a pair. Can't wait for that hot video-stud's face to get on my crotch. The fine print reveals that he conquered "gorf" at my favorite arcade as a kid, "haunted trails" on harlem avenue. I played that very same game, making me a demigod.

hot funk said...

those are an AWESOME piece of crap! I once work for Steve Harris, the Gaunlet world champ.

Yes, Haunted Trails was fun, but I prefer spend my cash buying ninja weapons from the flea market that used to be behind there back in the early 80's