September 18, 2007

Let's Paint, Exercise, and Blend Drinks

From a public-access show in Los Angeles, the fearless and winded John Kilduff paints, exercises, blends drinks, and takes your calls all at the same time. Go to his website for more youtube links to his show. Each has a different theme, like "let's paint, exercise, and build a sushi gingerbread house". He does all of these things very badly, and the viewers who call in only do so to give shout-outs for their gangs or to give him a hard time, but I admire the guy. He continuously tries to inspire people to "do something crazy with your life".


Lance Ehlers said...

Yeah, this guy is part of the same elite public access group which includes Chip The Black Boy and Francine Dancer. And that makes him a pop culture saint in my mind.

stexe said...

When I posted this, I'd only seen this clip. Since then I've watched a couple of his full half-hour episodes, and I find them exhilarating. It's especially fun to skip ahead towards the end of the show when he starts getting very very tired. In the "let's paint a supermodel" show, he continues running throughout the end credits, then just as it's about to fade to black he stumbles off the treadmill and seems to have a heart attack while the model tries to engage in a conversation.